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Valrhona chocolatier house was founded in 1922, and since then, produces chocolate each season from the harvest of one year of a specific production of grains, mainly grown in South America, Oceania and the Caribbean as well as Madagascar, Trinidad and Venezuela.

With the goal to innovate, Valrhona is devoted to evolve aromas and flavors to achieve the perfect chocolate, tasting and mixing the perfect chocolate beans of different sources to create this delicacy. It is known around the world as a luxury item.

Valrhona chocolatier house is well known for their art of mixing passion and rigor, which guarantees a consistent flavor and texture in each one of their products, this is why they are used in Japanese high Confectionery.

Candy in contemporary japan, have their origin in the cuisine of Royal Courts, which had influence later in Japanese culinary art. Japanese confectionary is crafted in interesting and unusual ways for occidental countries.

Chocolate was introduced to japan around the 1920’s in the port of Kobe where children and adults alike used to scream: Give me chocolate!!

Even though it was introduced in Kobe, it was Kyoto, the Candy capital of Japan, where it became sacred; they have temples for Aristocrats and rituals, being ´´Wagashi´´ which is chocolate, the most common and considered an excellent gift since only Royals could try it in the past.

A key aspect for gifts in Japan is ´´Omiyage´´ tradition. To give a candy from the visited places, that’s why highways have rest stops with huge showcases of candy and pastries with meaningful decoration such as spirals, boxes etc.

Chocolate is one of the most sought after treats. In our menu we can offer a wide variety of desserts with this indulgent ingredient.

Our desserts are created with one of the best chocolates in the world. What are you waiting for to try?

Come and discover form the hand of our chef, the chocolate box that will reinvent the flavors of your palate with a mix of vanilla, Valrhona chocolate, mixed berries with a warm toffee sauce and a pinch of pecans.

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