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Big eye Tuna is only caught wild; original from Japan and captured in the Pacific or Atlantic. It can live up to 26 years and weigh over 1000 pounds and be as big as 10 feet.

They are born as small as 3 mm and grow faster than most fish. It gets its name because from all the Tuna species is the most robust and the size of its eyes is notorious.

Once they reach 4 years of age, tuna are caught. The fishing is done in winter because the cold temperature in water guarantees the best fat composition: 20% of otoro (fatty), 40 % chutoro (slightly lean) and 40 % of loin meat akami.

At Tora, we thrive to offer products of top quality and representative of Japanese cuisine so  when you visit us, you can have a unique experience that offers you a genuine Japanese touch.

That’s why we add Big Eye Tuna to our repertoire of select ingredients. We get it directly from Japan and is super frozen at -50° C° to keep its high quality at all times.

Of tender and robust meat with a vibrant red color, its taste adapts to a wide variety of recipes and cooking methods. However, the experts recommend tasting it in Nigiris and sashimi, to fully appreciate this fish.

Chef Mitsunori, in charge of Tora’s kitchen recommends to try it in our tartare duo, coupled by another one our exclusive products: Salmon Ora King.

What are you waiting for, to try a little piece of Japan and let yourself indulge in this unique culinary experience?

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