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Chef’s table is a way to bring Western and Eastern worlds closer. The trend to eat in the heart of the restaurant to feel, touch and try new textures and flavors that win your heart.

Chef Mitsunori Ichikawa is the prestigious chef at Tora and you can have the honor of having him cook just for you; making this an unforgettable evening with a 9 course menu including our exclusive products and gourmet creations such as Ora King Salmon, Alaskan King Crab and el Big Eye Tuna; it includes a selection of Sake, Whisky and Japanese mixology to pair each course.

It consists on a unique table set in the middle of Tora´s heart, the Robata or your choice of a private table where you will be hosted by the Chef, interacting with the chef during the 9 course dinner.

The chef will present each course, explaining origin, history, ingredients and preparation.

Chef’s table is the latest trend at the most exclusive restaurants, to create a unique experience.

“Good food goes beyond your experience. If you keep an open mind, everything can taste delicious” Chef Alex Atala.

Have you enjoyed the exclusivity of a personalized service at a unique table?

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