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Did you know that Tora is the best restaurant in Cancun?  And it is not us who say it, our customers say it through their comments on TripAdvisor.

Tora is a restaurant featuring Japanese haute Cuisine: located in one of the best tourist destinations in Mexico; offering a unique experience.

Tora®, means “tiger” and it symbolizes a strong personality, strength, dynamism, energy, passion, imposing; a rebel character, beauty at distance and fierce in adversity, colorful, it commands respect and all this is reflected on top of the line service and food creations.

Even though Tora is a contemporary restaurant, it keeps a traditional touch in its concept, design, kitchen and recipes. This can be appreciated in the heart of Tora; the Robata which is a Japanese sustainable grill, playing a main role in the restaurant design and where you can witness how they cook spectacular dishes with different marinations enhanced by hot coals.

The culinary tradition of Robata began as an ancient custom among Japanese fishermen, who had to embark on long journeys during fishing season and to bring a source of heat and a way to cook their meals, they created small metal boxes to burn coal. That way they would gather around the warmth of the fire and shared the day’s reward, watching respectfully how each item was prepared.

Tora is characterized for exotic and exclusive products like Ora King salmon from New Zealand, considered the Finest salmon in the world; Caspian Sea caviar; from fish up to 90 year’s old; Australian lobster, known for its large size and incomparable taste, colossal U2 Nigerian tiger shrimp among other gourmet products. Perfectly paired with Tora’s unique Japanese mixology.

Its quality took it to the Top, being #1 restaurant on TripAdvisor for all of Cancun.

What are you waiting for to come and dine at this magical and impressive restaurant with unique service in Cancun

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