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Famous for their culture, technology and their food of course, Japan collects another success: Yes, the Asian Country is one of the major whisky producers in the world, Scottish brands are more recognizable but Japanese whisky has positioned itself as favorite of experts and alcoholic beverages connoisseurs.

Whisky became famous in Japan around 1870, but their huge success came thanks to two men: Shinjiro Torii y Masataka Taketsuru. Their paths crossed in different ways, first Torii had a feeling the future was in whisky, and so after opening a business on his own, he presented in 1919 his first Finest Liqueur Old Scotch Whisky.

In the meantime Taketsuru, heir of a sake production industry, got involved in whisky while he studied in Osaka when the owner of Settsu Shuzo beverages hired him and sent him to Scotland in 1918, where he learned the technique of whisky production. In 1920 he went back to his home country-married to a Scottish woman- and was the most knowledgeable whisky expert in Japan.

Torii founded in 1923 the first Whisky distillery in Japan, Yamazaki and hired Taketsuru as manager, who, for the next 10 years produced the first commercial whiskeys of Japan.

Taketsuru stablished his own whisky Company in1934 and during World War II supplied the demand of the army along with his competitors. It was in 1963 that his son, following his steps, named the Company Suntory and 10 years later opened in Hakushu his second whisky distillery, the biggest in the world.

He separated from the strict norms of Japanese blends and created a different variety of malt whisky. Today Suntory is the home of Yamazaki, the first Japanese single malt but also of the prime blend Hibiki.

Since then, Japanese whisky hasn’t stopped evolving. Delighted to introduce you to this great drink, at Tora, we have the best Japanese whisky. You can try the Hibiki or Akashi, charming blends that will conquer your taste buds.

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