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Robatayaki” or “robata” is a Japanese cooking method using coal. A tradition that, with the creative touch of Tora, will bring new flavors to your palate.

Robata  emerged as a solution to a problem. The long trips that Japanese fishermen had to take on fishing season, deprived them from a heat source, so they invented this cooking utensil. They built small metal boxes to put the coal and burn it without it damaging to their boats and this way they could cook whilst at Sea

As time passed, this invention left the boats and became popular in Japan and today is a sophisticated method found in some of the best Japanese restaurants in the world. The food cooked on Robata is healthy and since there is no direct contact with the Coal, it is cooked slowly and this heightens their taste.

The next element that makes this technique unique is the use of vegetable Coal. For our Robata in Tora, we bring from Japan a vegetable Coal called Binchotan. This is an active coal that doesn’t generate smoke, made from branches of renewable sources, which gives food a slightly smoked taste, characteristic of this Japanese technique.

But the secret to the best taste is kept by the expert masters of robata, they control the condiments, and the right distance between ingredients and the hot coals, this will introduce you to a new experience of textures and flavors; different to anything you have tried before.

The Robata at Tora is proud to variety of offer a variety of ítems cooked nuestra robata está orgullosa de ofrecerte una amplia variedad de alimentos: vegetales, pescados como el Salmón Ora King, mariscos, Langosta, distintas brochetas o puedes elegir carne de la mejor calidad, así como Wagyu. Ven a descubrir de la mano de nuestros expertos cómo el robatayaki reinventa el sabor de estos ingredientes con combinaciones que te sorprenderán.

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