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Our Takikomi Gohan or Rice with mushrooms has transcended the passage of time from one generation to the other in the Ichikawa family, being a family secret and an honor to have at your table.

Rice with mushrooms is a traditional dish in Japanese homes. Its name is TAKIKOMI GOHAN; we have a contemporary version from our chef Mitsunori Ichikawa, who put it together like a puzzle formed by pieces of family history, memories of recipes and ingrained flavors.

In the fall a lot of different mushrooms appear, and endless ways to cook them. Mushrooms are emblematic in Japanese home cooking. Their aroma offers a way to appreciate season’s change, this is why “Kinoko” which means mushroom is used as a symbol of fall.

TAKIKOMI means “boiled with” and GOHAN “rice”. Rice absorbs the flavors from the other ingredients. This recipe is common in Japanese homes because children like it and is easy to prepare. Rice has been a widely used ingredient in japan for many years; it was reserved for Warriors and royalty. It became a meal for the general population in the 17th century and a basic meal in the 20th century.

In Japanese language there are three words to refer to rice: ”Ine”   when  its grown in rice fields; ”Kome´” お米   for harvested rice and “Gohan” for cooked rice; Rice is so important in japan that “Gohan”´ ご飯  also means food.

Japanese families once a day, during meals put a few grains of rice on a plate as an offer to their ancestors as a way to keep family beliefs alive.

Japanese cuisine stands out for its tribute to nature, preferring seasonal fruits and with four ”Sappari” attributes: Clear, light, simple, organized.

At Tora, our chef, Mitsunori Ichikawa has created a contemporary variety adding truffle and parmesan cheese with four different kinds of Mushrooms: Enoki, Fresh Shiitake, Eringui and Shimeji.  Once the rice is prepared, it is left to cool down all night and next day is taken to the “Wok”, mixing it with Japanese ingredients and at the table, we add some shaved back truffle.

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