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Omakase is a beautiful Japanese tradition that opens a window to chef’s creativity and it offers customers a memorable culinary experience.

In Japanese Kitchens is flattering to hear the guest say the word “omakase”. Cooks concentrate on planning how to surprise  their guest once the word is mentioned.

This word translates to:  “I leave it to you” or an act of trust. In culinary terms is to “put yourself in the hands of the chef” to let him prepare the best dishes available.

For this, the best quality ingredients are used, in freshness, texture, taste and presentation. In a few words, the chef has gotten a challenge to show off and please your senses. Not all restaurants offer omakase, so it is suggested to ask for it in the best Japanese restaurants.

Omakase is considered a request for wonderful food, allowing the chef to show his talent, a friendly gesture that lets the expert treat you to an excellent service.

If you are hungry for adventure, we invite you to try the Omakase Box at Tora, the best selection of fresh fish brought all the way from Japan. Accompanied by green chili pepper, Ponzu, Tempura flakes, they are a perfect mix of Japanese tradition and contemporary cuisine. Delicious creativity on your plate.

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