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No question, the gourmet world has fallen head over heels for the taste of Wagyu; but since it requires a sophisticated handling, it has become a key product that can only be found in the best restaurants on the world.

Captivated by its flavor, those who have had a chance to try this delicacy, declare there is no other meat  with better taste, so: What makes wagyu so unforgettable?

A texture to remember

Original from Japan, Wagyu, can be distinguished for its marbleized texture. This particular fat infiltration in the muscle makes that when melted at the right temperature in expert hands, it achieves a sweet, mild taste.

Wagyu at your table, should always have a tender, creamy texture. It is so tender you could even eat it with a spoon! We are not exaggerating when we say it could melt in your mouth.

They are very proud of this meat in Japan, so they take extreme care in their quality standards. Cattle are fed only the best mix of rice grass, corn, barley and other good cereals. A wagyu cow feeds quietly on the best fields and doesn’t receive medication or hormones for its growth, besides they are allowed to grow double the time as any other cow.

Quality of this meat is guaranteed by several codes and controls such as: Animal origin, breeding, date of birth, information on where it was raised and date of sacrifice. Additionally, the strict codes of evaluation confirm wagyu quality. As mentioned before, these controls are based mostly on the marbling, but other aspects are involved such as color, shine, fat, firmness and texture.

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